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Sight Test

Our practice offers you the very latest in state-of-the-art sight testing facilities, to establish the health of your eyes and other relevant health and lifestyle issues which can be discussed for you to receive the very best possible care.

Your eyes are very precious. Let Bird + Fairley’s professional fully qualified optometrists take care of them for you.

Visit our shops or contact us at Loughton or Dunmow and we will be happy to help you with your eyecare enquiry.

Maui Jim Sunglasses



Bird + Fairley are dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive range of leading and desirable eyewear, from the sophisticated to glamorous to renowned modern designer frames.

We offer you many designer ranges such as Maui Jim, RayBan, Polo, PorscheDesign, Prada, and Chanel, to mention just a few. Our stock is always fresh with all the latest styles and trends.

For our younger clients we provide a great range of frames including brands such as RayBan, Kids Vision, Rock Star and Delancy. All available in a selection of desirable colours and sizes and a wide range of prices.

For more information about our stunning range of frames visit our shops or contact us at Loughton or Dunmow and we will be happy to help you with your eyecare enquiry.

Brands we stock


Spectacle lens technology is constantly improving and Bird + Fairley prides itself on providing you with the best possible, most up-to-date, state-of-the-art lenses to enable you to benefit from crisper sharper vision with lighter more attractive looking lenses.

We can provide you with single vision lenses, bifocal lenses, varifocal lenses, thinner lenses and anti-glare and anti-scratch coating. Sun sensitive lenses that automatically adjust to light changes, optimising your sight while maximising your look.

Impression Freesign 3 Varifocal Lenses

100% natural vision right from the very first moment, with Rodenstock’s best progressive lenses. Discover our best progressive lens: Impression FreeSign® 3.

• Experience a clear, individual visual experience that is perfectly matched to your personal lifestyle

• Master any activity easily – thanks to maximum areas of the clearest vision

• Enjoy a completely new feeling of life: relaxed, capable and full of energy

• Experience the best vision right from the start without acclimatisation time for the new progressive spectacles

• The best vision meets the best looks with our very thin and aesthetic Impression FreeSign® 3 progressive lenses

• Benefit from 100% natural vision: You will hardly notice that you are wearing spectacles

Visit our practices or contact us at Loughton or Dunmow and we will be happy to help you with your eyecare enquiry.

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Solitaire 2 X-tra Clean Coating

Solitaire X-tra Clean the new Gold Standard

This is the latest Multi coating from the German lens manufacturers Rodenstock.

Non reflective Hard Coated lenses have been around since the 80’s and most people enjoy the benefits of reduced reflection clearer sharper vision and lens hardening that protects against day to day scratching.

However anything that’s shinny and bright tends to show the dirt more and this has probably been the most common criticism of these coating. Now Rodenstock have developed a silky smooth coating that’s so smooth very little sticks to it.

Ask about this new coating when you next update your spectacles.

Driving Lenses

Driving in the dark is a task that very few motorists relish. So many complain of excessive glare from headlights and poor contrast in wet dark conditions.

For many years the best we could recommend was non reflective lenses but now Rodenstock have developed a new lens that can really help

Rodenstock Road.

This new lens includes three different elements. A contrast filter giving the lens a light brown tint that helps reduce head light glare and improve the contrast of the roads white lines and traffic light. A new non-reflective coating that is designed to have greatest effect on blue coloured lights and gives a crispiness to your vision. Thirdly these lenses incorporate new technology to improve peripheral vision and in the varifocal form the reading area is re positioned to maximise distance and peripheral vision.

For more information please call in and talk to us about this great new product.

Driver Behind Wheel
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Sunglasses are now regarded as essential, as everyone should protect their eyes from the harm that UV-Radiation can do to the eye. By protecting the eyes from UV light we can reduce   the risk of developing cataracts or age related macular degeneration

At Bird & Fairley we stock a wide range of sunglasses that are all give the necessary UV protection and bear the CE mark. We sell both non prescription and prescription sunglasses and stock and supply RayBan, Maui Jim, Tiffany, Chanel and our classic Rodenstock SunProtect range. We are also accredited suppliers of RayBan genuine Prescription Lenses where you get the RayBan look including logo’s to your prescription.

We are able to supply many different sunglass materials such as Polarised, Mirrored, Graduated and Sports tints.

For more information call at the practice and we will be happy to show you our latest sunglasses and demonstrate what will be best for your visual needs.


Contact Lenses



The Ultimate in Contact Lens Comfort.

Discover a new era in contact lens comfort. Designed with a surface of over 80%* water content, nearly the same as the surface of your eye, for a feeling of exceptional comfort until the end of your day.

DAILIES AquaComfort Plus contact lenses

Outstanding insertion comfort and all-day refreshment with every blink.
Advanced all day, refreshing comfort:
1. superior comfort upon application
2. Moisturises with every blink
3. Outstanding tear film stability for all-day comfort
No hassle, no fuss—no lens care solutions required


Imagine comfort you can feel all day, every day, until the end of the wearing period. AIR OPTIX family of breathable contact lenses let you meet the day – and the night – without missing a beat. They have an easy-to-remember monthly replacement schedule to fit your nonstop lifestyle. See how natural they feel.

The innovative TriComfort Technology in AIR OPTIX contact lenses helps lenses stay comfortable from breakfast to bedtime in three important ways:

Breathability – Rich, nourishing oxygen flows continuously through AIR OPTIX contact lenses, contributing to a healthy, natural feeling.
Retains Moisture – The patented materials of AIR OPTIX contact lenses help retain moisture, which helps prevent the lenses from drying out, so lenses feel comfortable all day long.

Resists Deposits – AIR OPTIX contact lenses feature an ultra-smooth surface designed to resist deposits – for comfortable wear all day long, every day for up to one month.

Contact us now and we’ll advise you on the right lenses for you. Visit our shops or contact us at Loughton or Dunmow and we will be happy to help you with your eyecare enquiry.