Rodenstock Sun-Protect Prescription Sunglasses

The month of June heralds the start of the holiday season and we reach for our sunglasses and sun screen.

As for many years we are carrying the Rodenstock prescription sunglasses previously known as Wimbledon. This lovely collection of modern and contemporary frames are supplied with your prescription uv protection and a choice of tinted and polarised lenses.

Please call in to see the latest range and we will explain and demonstrate the benefits of the different filters to you.

The Benefits of Polarised Lenses.

RODENSTOCK market research confirms: 92% of all customers favour vision with polarising lenses over their normal sunglasses.

Increased safety and comfort in wear when driving, outdoors and during sports

Greater contrast, better colours, clearer details

Glare-free, relaxed vision without fatigue

Healthier vision due to 100% UV protection

Attractive tint options