Recycle your Contact Lenses

We can recycle your contact lenses for you!

If you wear daily disposable contact lenses you could be throwing away some 730 contact lenses, 730 Hard Plastic Blisters and 730 stamp sized pieces of foil each year. That’s a lot!

Up until now most people have thrown them away where they will go to landfill or maybe flushed them down the toilet.

Now you can recycle them safely at Bird & Fairley, opticians in Loughton.

We have entered into a scheme with Terracycle and Acuvue Contact lenses where we ask you to bring in your used contact lenses and their packaging and deposit them in our designated recycling box.

The easiest way to do this is collect them in a used margarine tub and drop them off when ever you are passing and we will do the rest!