Driving Lenses

Driving Lenses

Driving in the dark is a task that very few motorists relish. So many complain of excessive glare from headlights and poor contrast in wet dark conditions.

For many years the best we could recommend was non reflective lenses but now Rodenstock have developed a new lens that can really help

Rodenstock Road.

This new lens includes three different elements. A contrast filter giving the lens a light brown tint that helps reduce head light glare and improve the contrast of the roads white lines and traffic light. A new non-reflective coating that is designed to have greatest effect on blue coloured lights and gives a crispiness to your vision. Thirdly these lenses incorporate new technology to improve peripheral vision and in the varifocal form the reading area is re positioned to maximise distance and peripheral vision.

For more information please call in and talk to us about this great new product.